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  The Asia Pacific School of Business is an esteemed member institution of the Business Graduates Association (BGA), an international membership and quality assurance body of world-leading and high-potential Business Schools who share a commitment for responsible management practices and lifelong learning, and are looking to provide positive impact on their students, communities, and the economy as a whole. BGA is part of the same organization as the Association of MBAs (AMBA), the world’s impartial authority on postgraduate management education. 
     As a BGA member institution, students of The Asia Pacific School of Business are able to access BGA’s individual membership, which offers a range of tools and resources designed to support the professional and personal development of business students and graduates, free of charge. Tools available within the BGA member platform include CV building services, a job search function, skill assessments, thought-leadership, partner discounts and much more.’
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BGAA few days ago, our college received the official membership certificate from the Business Graduates Gssociation (BGA) International Accreditation Center, becoming the first private university or college in Singapore to be recognized as a BGA member institution and participating in the BGA International Accreditation Pilot Program. Our school has been recognized by this new international association of business schools and enjoys all the rights of a full member.

Business Graduates Gssociation (BGA) is currently one of the three authoritative certification systems for business schools or schools of economics and management. Among dozens of private university/colleges, only our college became the first BGA member college and the only private university/colleges.

Academician Jhenming Jhuang, the dean of our school, said: "Becoming a BGA member this time is an affirmation of The Asia Pacific School of Business's distance and open education and innovation and entrepreneurship education. Steady improvement of research and management capabilities, in order to promote the connotation and sustainable development of campus internationalization, curriculum certification, and academic standardization, improve the teaching quality of business majors and expand the international influence of our school, and help students go abroad for further study, exchange, and work. Passes are provided."BGA

The Association of MBAs (AMBA) was established in 1967. Together with the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AASCB) and the European Quality Improvement System (EQUIS), it is recognized as the three most authoritative international certification systems for global business education, and enjoys business schools around the world. Certified "Three Crowns" reputation. AMBA is the only international accreditation system for MBA programs only, focusing on the development of business and management practices. The Business Graduates Association (BGA) derives its name from AMBA's original founding in 1967 with the mission to "advocate the importance of lifelong learning" while also focusing on the mission of promoting responsible stewardship and online learning. BGA accreditation aims to create a "leading global movement" in the field of business education, is committed to responsible management practices and lifelong learning, and hopes to have a positive impact on students, the economy and society. It is an accreditation for all majors and disciplines of business schools. Its Continuous Impact Model (CIM) is the foundation of the entire BGA accreditation, including strategies, graduate achievement, academic reputation, ecosystem, society, and more.

Participating in international accreditation is an important measure of The Asia Pacific School of Business's internationalization strategy. Through international accreditation, we will continue to standardize and improve the business talent training system and quality of our school, and make continuous improvements. Since the business management program of The Asia Pacific School of Business first passed the Quality Matters (QM) international certification in 2021, it has continued to improve its own strength, and has continued to reform and improve teacher training, curriculum system construction, academic quality control, and distance development education. The innovation has achieved remarkable results and has been highly recognized by students and employers. Promoting reform through evaluation and promoting construction through evaluation are the core concepts of the AMBA international certification system. Our school constantly revises the MBA program concept and training system, builds a sound quality assurance system, and continuously improves MBA based on the strategic height and requirements of building a first-class business school. The quality of project-running has effectively promoted the improvement of the school’s international school-running quality, and boosted The Asia Pacific School of Business’s “internationalization process, discipline construction and international talent training level.

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