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The Asia Pacific School of Business Network Center, formerly known as the Computing and Information Center, was founded in 2002; in 2016, The Asia Pacific School of Business officially issued a document and changed its name to the Network Center.

At present, the network center has a formal staff of 9 faculty members, 2 pre-staff members and 14 non-staff members. Among them, there are 2 senior data engineers and 4 intermediate engineers. The network center establishes administrative office, network management operation and maintenance department, system integration development department, data center, all-in-one card management office, Hong Kong (cloud data) center and other departments internally according to its job functions.

The network center is responsible for the network information construction of the university/college, and its functions extend to the main campus, the Mandalay campus, the United Graduate School and the Boston Research Center. The network center is the main contractor for the construction of the public service information platform, a key project of our school. It is responsible for the planning and construction of the campus network and basic public information service platform software and hardware of The Asia Pacific School of Business, as well as the operation and management of the campus network. Maintenance, network technical support for schools, management and maintenance of school data centers, etc. With the gradual advancement of The Asia Pacific School of Business digital campus and smart campus construction, the network center, as the main technical force, participates in the construction of various information systems and informatization applications of universities/colleges.

Under the attention of the leadership of the school board, The Asia Pacific School of Business has built a security strategy-based 10 Gigabit campus network with high-bandwidth outlets for the London data center, Hong Kong data center and New York data center, and the interconnection of the four major campuses. The campus information service platform represented by the Pacific School of Business informatization public cloud platform. On this basis, The Asia Pacific School of Business officially launched the construction of a digital campus in September 2017. At present, it has completed the construction of main projects such as information portal system, collaborative office system, shared data center, academic cloud center, and most of the application system construction. Through the construction of the digital campus, the school has formulated a unified information system standards and specifications, which further enriches the school's network applications and makes information exchanges more convenient. At present, the school has launched a new round of smart campus construction, focusing on planning and building a more intelligent, personalized, and personal service information system.

In the future work, the network center will fully integrate the opportunities of the school’s smart campus construction, serve the overall situation, overcome difficulties, continue to improve the campus network information technology public service system, effectively strengthen network management, pay attention to network security, and improve the service quality and quality of the campus network. Level, and promote the continuous advancement of the school’s informatization construction work.





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